The repair of a clutch or brake is often beneficial, because a repaired clutch or brake enables faster speed and more cost-effective operation. In our factory, we not only repair original HEID products but also the clutches and brakes of almost all renowned manufacturers. For example, new coils are installed and individual mechanical parts are produced, before the component is checked and then finally delivered to the customer.


In our warehouse, we store the most important original spare parts for HEID clutches and brakes. Our specialists will help you to identify the right spare part. Parts are sent for delivery via express to all countries of the world. Of course, we guarantee manufacturer quality for all parts.

Assembling - Commissioning

If you wish, our experts will help you during the assembling and the installation of our clutches or brakes, so that proper function in your application is guaranteed.
Depending on the requirements, you will receive over-the-phone assistance or assembly is carried out onsite by one of our specialists directly.