In addition to the extensive range of clutches and brakes as well as complete solutions, HEID offers a wide range of accessories and spare parts.


Steel plates and with friction lining in a wide variety of designs and variants are important components in clutches and brakes. The quality and design of the discs have a significant influence on the function and service life. Depending on the material pairing, it can be used in oil or dry-running applications.

Steel discs

  • Steel discs are available in different designs of profiles, teeth or groove shapes.
  • The base material and hardness are individually matched for each application.
  • Dimensioning is done flexibly based on the available installation space or on the basis of operating parameters.

Discs with sintered friction linin

  • Sintered lamellas are proven friction partners for steel lamellas and can be produced with various groove shapes, such as "sunburst", "waffle" or "spiral" patterns.
  • By adapting the steel girder quality and the mixture of the sintered material, a wide range of application areas can be covered.

Discs with an organic friction lining

  • Organic plates are a modern and powerful variant of friction lining plates and on average have a higher coefficient of friction for the transmission of higher torques.
  • By changing the structure of the friction lining fibers and fillers, the operating parameters can be influenced, which enables precise coordination .

Brush holder

Brushes for power connection using slip rings in various designs for dry and oil running. These can also be used as a replacement for the ZF power supply for the types:

TSK / TSN / TSL in oil operation
STK / STN / STL can be used in dry operation.

In the case of clutches equipped with a slip ring, the plus pole must be connected to this and the minus pole to ground. Quiver brushes for power consumption using slip rings in various designs for dry and oil running.

Please find our data sheet and follow the link:  click here for datasheet