Electronic systems

In addition, HEID offers individually developed electrotechnical control systems for drive components. The focus here is, for example, on controls for clutches and brakes such as soft starts and rapid shutdown devices.



The new engagement electronics from HEID, specially developed for electromagnetic clutches and brakes, set new standards in their control: permanent system monitoring, 30x faster switching response time, maximum energy efficiency and maximum robustness - even with holding torques of up to 20 kNm.

HEID.Boost On / Off in combination with the electromagnetic tooth brake FZBM 2000 from HEID

The key data of the tooth brake: max.holding torque 20 kNm, ø approx. 500 mm, almost 200 kg, coil power 150 watts.

The HEID.Boost ON / OFF now enables the following functions and advantages:

BOOST: Reduction of the switching time from 2.8 to 0.09 seconds (= 30 times faster)

SMART: Pre-programmable microcontroller, variable braking behavior with permanent system monitoring

EMERGENCY MODE: Malfunction and temperature monitoring including automatic BOOST action response

ROBUST: The HEID-Boost ON / OFF is certified and also tested on

  • Over and under voltages
  • High-frequency switching
  • Extremely long holding times
  • Exceptionally high and low ambient temperatures

ENERGY EFFICIENT: Automatic, variable voltage, depending on the operating status of the brake, including energy recovery (intermediate storage) - lower operating temperature

FLEXIBLE: Braking behavior can be reprogrammed if necessary - there is no need to convert the brake. The system can be implemented into existing systems.

COST-EFFECTIVE: This high level of flexibility enables variable and diverse use - that means production in large quantities at attractive prices.









Embedded Systems

Since HEID components are sometimes integrated in complex application units, we are increasingly pushing the development of electronic controls that can be used as an "embedded system". An electronic control system for motorcycle clutches is currently being developed and tested.