Test bench

Testing and measurement technology allow high-precision components with fail-safe rights. We have are designing special and precise products this application on regular basis..

Daimler AG

Daimler is probably one of the best known and most renowned manufacturers of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The Mercedes-Benz brand combines tradition, state-of-the-art technology and elegance.

HEID received the order to build a special type FMV electromagnetic multi-plate clutch for a special test bench. In addition, special current / performance diagrams were created for this clutch on our own test bench and supplied as technical basis.

It is a "mobile cold start test bench" in which the electric clutch is used to transmit defined clutch torques.

HC Concept

HC-Concepts Engineering GmbH is a company in Salzburg, Austria that specializes in the development of compact and powerful internal combustion engines for motorcycles, as well as in the development of hybrid transmissions for the automotive industiry.

A specially developed pneumatic multi-plate clutch is used on the company's engine test bench. This is mostly used in motorcycle engines and is connected directly on the crankshaft.


Reitshammer GmbH from Jeging, Austria, has already successfully specialized in the 4th generation to supply companies with individually planned machines and production systems in the course of automation in order to be able to produce quality with the greatest possible productivity. The targeted conversion of vehicles and machines, as well as completely individual machine construction, enable high-tech solutions for demanding work areas.

The latest development from Reitshammer is the "End Of Line" function test bench for combustion engines.

The functional test bench can be adapted to a wide range of engine models thanks to its quick retrofitting options. By integrating the automatic separation of the drive train from the internal combustion engine and the electric motor by means of a multi-plate clutch from Heid, a wide range of tests of 2- and 4-stroke engines with various equipment variants and services is possible.

Siemens AG – Weiz transformers 

This company maintains a special test bench for transformers at the Weiz location. The grid situation is simulated using large generators. HEID was commissioned to develop a special clutch for the connection and disconnection of the auxiliary drives of these generators. The requirement was met using a special hydraulic multi-disc clutch HLS 2000 with a torque of over 30,000 Nm.

These solutions are almost always special developments and one-off productions. HEID deals with customers with great flexibility and competence. The list of different test bench applications is long and ranges from automotive to test benches for the aircraft industry.